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David Waugh

Tel: 519-646-2314
Fax: 519-679-8848
Toll Free: 800-265-4195

255 Queens Ave.
Suite 1900
London, ON
N6A 5R8

My Outlook

Ever since I entered the financial services industry in 1993, I have felt that it was important that I am smart with your money.

Of course my ultimate goal is to help make sure that you achieve your financial goals. With that in mind, I have always looked to design long-term diversified investment strategies built within a planning process, and I am always looking for the most cost-efficient, high value ways to manage your money.

Over the last 25 years I have learned a lot about investing and about myself. While I am personally committed to saving and investing and I want to achieve high returns, I also am relentless in working to minimize risk as much as possible. As such, I have worked to try and uncover the best risk adjusted strategies possbile, with an expectation of competitive  returns over a given market cycle. In essence, this is the Waugh Group Brand.