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David Waugh

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255 Queens Ave.
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London, ON
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My Outlook


As a Portfolio Manager and Vice-President with BMO Nesbitt Burns I firmly believe that I offer a very powerful advantage to my clients from the fact that I provide a Private Discretionary Portfolio Service combined with the ability and willingness to alter Risk Exposure and Profit Potential on a substantial and pro-active basis.

In my opinion, it is quite likely that the threat to our accumulated savings will be greater in the coming decade or so than it has been in any of our lifetimes. The status quo will likely leave our purchasing power severely if not completely eliminated in the coming decade and beyond. We have to make sure that we do not just sit there like hapless victims and watch this happen to us. We must ACT.

Likely the best advice I've ever heard about investing is that an investor must think and act independently from the crowd, and must think for himself/herself. I have tried to remain true to this sprit for the last ~ 24 years of my career in the Financial Services Industry.

Quite simply, our strategy is the best method that I know of at this time to try and protect and actually grow my client's, and my own family's savings during these challenging times.

Please TAKE ACTION, click on Contact Us to fill out the online application form on the left side of this page. This is really the only action you need to take on this Web site since the most valuable service we can be for you is to start some dialogue over e-mail. I send regular e-mails to my clients and prospective clients. Ongoing dialogue and education are of paramount importance today.

Peace and Happiness, David.