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David Hui
Brad Walsh

Tel: 416-365-6091
Tel: 416-365-6048
Fax: 416-365-6007
Toll Free: 1800-387-1565

First Canadian Place
100 King St. W, 38th Floor
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)® (David and Brad)
Chartered Accountant (CA) (David)
Masters Business Administration (MBA) (Brad)

Languages Spoken:
English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Business Focus:
Investment Advice, Financial Planning and Investment Governance

As an investor, are you confused and concerned about:.
  • What Bernake is really saying and what that may mean for the markets?

  • What CRA is up to and how you may keep your returns away from them without risking fines or worse?

  • What the various products in the markets are all about and how you may navigate around those that involve unwarranted risks or costs? And,

  • Despite all of the above and more, being able to meet your financial goals for yourself and your loved ones?
Leave your concerns to us:
Let us be your investment advisors and financial planners. Our philosophy is simple – know and apply what are proven to work well for successful investors. To do this, we draw on:
  • Our continuous training & experiences as Chartered Financial Analysts

  • David's prior 25-year history and experiences as a Chartered Accountant and financial executive for one of Canada's largest utilities

  • Brad's prior 9-year history and experiences as a pension and investment governance consultant

  • The renowned research and money managers available at BMO Nesbitt Burns, and

  • Professional journals and other authoritative information sources we regularly access.
As our client, we would engage you in a process that involves:
  • Understanding your goals and situation;

  • Developing a plan that can realistically meet your goals within your risk constraints;

  • Implementing your plan optimally; and,

  • Regularly monitoring and adjusting as appropriate.
As your advisors, we take it to heart that you are entrusting us with your hard-earned money, because you trust our character and competence.
We will endeavour to uphold this trust and always apply our best efforts to remain deserving of this privilege.

References will be provided upon request.