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David Ferrie
Anthony Petruccelli
Teresa Hoang

Tel: 416-590-7605
Tel: 1800-567-2626

4881 Yonge Street
9th Floor, PO Box 37
Toronto, ON
M2N 5X3

Our Process

The price of all goods, investments included, is a function of supply and demand. Those goods with the strongest demand will rise in price, and the weakest will fall. We measure and rank a variety of investments, and focus the portfolios on the strongest.

As with the leading pensions and foundations, our investment universe includes Canadian, U.S, and Internationals stocks and Exchange Traded Funds, as well as commodities, currencies, bonds, managed futures and cash. Including these choices reduces risk, downside volatility and improves returns over time.

Demand for all investments change over time. We recognize these shifts and adjust the portfolios, when appropriate, to safer assets including cash and bonds. Doing so better protects our client’s wealth and delivers peace of mind.