Bachelor of Arts, Military History, University of Calgary

C.S.C., Canadian Securities Institute

P.F.P., Canadian Securities Institute

C.O.C., Canadian Securities Institute


Languages Spoken:




Demystifying the complexties of the financial world to provide objective information and goal centric advice in order for you to have the peace of mind and quality of life you are striving for.











The first question always is; will I have enough to retire with integrity and stay retired? I diligently work at clarifying and communicating the complexties of the financial world to engaged clients that realize their expertise or focus lies elsewhere. Partnered with a strong, proud and determined company whose technology, products, research and relationship with the bank has set standards in Canada and in the global marketplace, I am able to offer the disciplined approach I believe is necessary to making goal centric investment decisions and have the platforms, products and solutions available to implement them. I pride myself on my ablity to provide straight forward objective information and advice in order to help my clients achieve both their personal and financial goals.