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What I do


I work with my clients to ensure they have enough income to maintain their independence throughout retirement.  Where there is more than enough resources for retirement, I put more of an emphasis on tax planning. 

I aim to provide trusted advice for life, which includes all aspects of managing, protecting and transferring wealth.  This includes not only investments, but also financial planning, estate planning, tax planning, insurance, trusts and more....


How I do it


My process begins with a thorough understanding of an individual's circumstances, goals, dreams, and tolerance for risk.  Often, this will start with a comprehensive financial plan.  As well as providing many other benefits, a financial plan helps in determining the appropriate amount of risk to be taken with a client's investments.  A custom portfolio is then built with all of this information in mind. 

These initial steps are followed, perpetually, with regular contact, monitoring of portfolios, and keeping abreast of milestones and changes in a client's circumstances


My investment philosophy


My focus is on significantly growing my clients' wealth over time, which includes protecting portfolios from unnecessary losses.  I look beyond just Canada for investments, but to the U.S. and globally as well.  When buying individual stocks, I prefer high-quality companies with a long history of growing their dividends, and are trading at a reasonable price.  I will also use a variety of managed solutions where appropriate. 


My background


For over 15 years I have worked with high net worth individuals, funds and foundations - through several market cycles - providing investment recommendations, trading, and managing portfolios.  My success in these activities has been largely due to the relationships I have built and maintained with many clients over the years.

I hold the Derivatives Market Specialist designation through the Canadian Securities Institute