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Dave Foraie
Lorna Partsch

525 8th Avenue SW
Suite 1000
Calgary, AB
T2P 1G1

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What We Do

How We Work With You

Our Core Strengths

What We Do
Ensuring peace of mind while planning for a comfortable retirement through prudent management of wealth. ®

Our ultimate goal is to build a portfolio that will provide higher returns with less volatility. This is achieved by using a combination of:
  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Portfolio Analysis Software
  • Alternative Investments such as income trusts to supplement traditional stocks and bonds
  • Managed Portfolio Accounts (MPA)
We specialize in building customized portfolios for high net worth clients with a long term focus using a combination of fixed income, blue chips, and trusts. We follow a disciplined investment approach and are prepared to stay the course to enhance client wealth, because rarely do emotions make good investments advisors.
"You can't control the market, but you can control the way your portfolio is structured."

We appreciate that you work hard for your money and in turn, we work equally hard to provide the best investment value for your dollar. We recognize that it is your money we are dealing with and strive to continually communicate with you in regards to your investments.

We would like to thank all clients who have referred friends or colleagues to us. We are always pleased to receive referrals from our clients, as this shows your trust in us. Our business practice continues to grow through these referrals and your trust in the way we work together is truly appreciated.  


 "David Beckham is a great soccer player but even Beckham could not beat an amateur team if he had to play every position by himself."

The Foraie-Partsch Wealth Management Group consists of:
  • Dave Foraie, Investment Advisor
  • Lorna Partsch, Associate Investment Advisor
To provide a higher quality of personal services, the Foraie-Partsch Wealth Mangement Group works with an extended team of professionals to better serve clients; this includes:
  • Rose Palma, Vice President - HNW Wealth Management Consulting
  • Shawna Albornoz, Vice President - BMO Trust Company
  • Jordan Tanner, Estate and Insurance Advisor - BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • Darolyn Hildebrandt, Lender Liaise - BMO Bank of Montreal


How We Work with you
"I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people"-Sir Isaac Newton, losing investor in the South Sea bubble

The process revolves around you. After all, it is about you and your money. Initially we schedule one or two face-to-face meetings to get to know you and your unique situation.

Here is our process:
  1. Meet and decide if we can work together with you

  2. Assess your present financial and personal situation
  3. Identify your financial and personal goals
  4. Identify ways to reach your goals and provide a written analysis including recommendations and alternatives

  5. Implement and review a strategy suited to your individual needs

  6. Monitor and revise your investment strategy regularly
  7. Identify any other needs, for example: insurance, estate planning, retirement planning etc.
This approach is rational and structured rather than emotional. We want to minimize emotional reactions to the markets and your investments.


Our Core Strengths
"Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent" -John Meynard Keynes
  • Discipline

  • Commitment to Client Services

  • Determination to Provide Value for your Money

  • Utilization of Portfolio Analysis Software

We offer a peace of mind through disciplined well thought out portfolio management. We want to give you rational solutions in an irrational market place.


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