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Estate Planning

What does "Estate Preservation” mean to you? For many of us, estate preservation means being able to pass along our hard-earned assets intact to our children and grandchildren. For many people, assets might include a family property that has been passed down through the generations. It can also mean ensuring your family’s financial security in times of crisis.

Everybody has an estate. Substantial or modest the issues to consider are essentially the same.

How will you preserve your assets from taxes and unnecessary probate?

Fair vs. Equal – How do you want to divide up your assets among your heirs? You may have a child involved in the family business and one who is not. What strategies are available to equalize your estate?

Do you have a current will?

Do you have a financial power of attorney and a living care power of attorney?

How can you minimize capital gains taxes – during and after your lifetime?

Will your estate be distributed according to your wishes?

Estates are more than just money. They are memories and hopes for the future. Get started today by giving some consideration to the questions posed above. Many more may come to mind. Deciding how you would like your estate to be handled requires careful planning and discussion with the people involved – your family and advisors.

We welcome the opportunity to help you use sound financial and estate planning strategies for the preservation of your estate.
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