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What We Can Do For You

Staying Informed...
Many of our clients have taken advantage of our free seminars covering such topics as economics, portfolio management and taxation. These seminars are detailed on the Events tab seen above. We often send informative articles via e-mail to interested clients. Keeping you informed helps you make better decisions!

Financial Planning
Whether you are considering retirement in the distant future or if you are almost there, you will want to know what could be anticipated when you do retire... 'How much should I have?' 'Have I got enough now?' 'Do I have too many equities, too many bonds?' 'How much will I be able to withdraw when I retire?' 'What are my RRIF and LIF limits?' 'How much will my company's pension help?'

Then there are the other questions: 'I have just been let go, what do I do now?' 'My child is going to post-secondary school in five years, how much will it cost and how much do I need to save?' Our planning package helps you answer these questions.

Estate Planning
We all must plan for the inevitable. 'Will my family have enough money?' 'How will they cover taxes and probate fees?' 'How much will they need to carry on?' 'What about my business?' With some planning, we can ensure that these difficult questions are addressed.

Helping Wind Down an Estate
Often after a loved one dies, relatives are left with sorting out the financial affairs. 'Can somebody help me sort out all the certificates and get them into another account?' We can help you make this whole process a little easier.

Stocks and Mutual Funds
Some clients and many prospects do not know the wide breadth of products we offer. BMO Nesbitt Burns buys and sells stocks on the North American stock exchanges. BMO Nesbitt Burns also offers ongoing research and makes it available to our clients, and offers a wide variety of mutual funds sold in Canada including the mutual funds sold at banks and many of the segregated funds sold at the life insurance companies. Portfolios can also include specialized tax-favoured products such as Limited Partnerships. A wide variety of options that fits most investors' needs.

Income Generating Products
We have access to a large inventory of fixed income products such as Bonds (Canadian, Provincial, Corporate). We have Bonds in Canadian and US dollars, as well as Euros. We also offer 'short term' money (Bankers Acceptance, T-Bills). GICs from a variety of banks (other than BMO) are also available. (In some instances we have been able to offer higher rates than the underlying institution for the same product.)

Dividends and Trusts
As the markets have remained very volatile, many of our clients have integrated a 'Cash Flow Portfolio' into their investments. Often, these portfolios move opposite to equities as traders move in and out of those areas that will yield the best returns (i.e. when equity markets are weak, investors head for income products).

The 'Cash Flow Portfolio' is a mix of bonds, income-producing mutual funds, preferred shares and Trust Units, depending on the client's needs. Portfolios can include tax-favoured products that may save you money at tax time. Higher-yield equities in your portfolio allow you to be Paid to Wait, no matter what the state of the market!

Managed Money
Rather than buying and selling on a 'transactional' basis in which you pay for buying and selling, Managed Money or Wrap Accounts require an annual payment based on the balance in the portfolio. Trades are completed at no charge. In some products, you are the 'manager'; in others, we use pension fund managers. We have two managed products: one mutual fund oriented (Quadrant) and one equity/bond oriented (Advance).
Picking your own investments takes time, money and effort. Let a professional manage it, hassle free!

Interest Rates, Banking, Mortgages and Loans
Our relationship with BMO Bank of Montreal allows us to introduce you to our colleagues for preferential treatment. They can assist you with all of your lending and banking needs. Often, you can borrow to invest¹, and, using one of our high-yielding Cash Flow Portfolio ideas, you can pay off your loan with your loan!

BMO Nesbitt Burns offer a wide range of retirement vehicles and help you manage them on your way to, and throughout, retirement.

1Borrowing to Invest may not be suitable for all investors. Please call us to see if this strategy is right for you.