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The Bridge Club Portfolio

Make Money On Your Money 

Many available fixed-income investments pay an average of less than 3%, and investors are starting to look for different ways to earn a reasonable cash flow from their holdings. Our "Bridge Club” Portfolio, based on a mandate of stable, high-dividend securities, is an easy way to make money on your money.

A number of years ago, a client approached us and said he could no longer live on 10% GICs. He wanted cash flow and he asked for the following attributes for the portfolio…

A reasonable rate of return: Current portfolios, matched up with the client’s comfort and risk tolerance can produce up to a 9% annual rate of return.

Lower volatility: To accomplish this we use a variety of investment instruments, including T-series Mutual Funds (these funds allow you to defer paying taxes until you sell), that allow us to broadly diversify, thereby decreasing volatility. We also use trust units, preferreds and fixed income instruments.

A regular income stream: These portfolios are built to create a MONTHLY cashflow, similar to getting a pay cheque. The income is directly deposited into your bank account (if that is your preference), or can be held or reinvested within your portfolio.

Liquidity: Concerned about needing some of the capital? Whether you need $658 because little Johnny just hit a baseball through your window, or thousands because it’s time for a new car, the majority of the portfolio can be liquidated very quickly.

Taxation: By using T-series Mutual Funds (these funds allow you to defer paying taxes until you sell), trusts and preferreds, which are beneficially taxed and by minimizing interest vehicles such as GICs we can help decrease the taxes you would otherwise pay.

We created a portfolio that met his requirements, and after a few months he was so satisfied with it that he recommended the portfolio to his entire bridge club!