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Dale C. Gagnon
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It has been our experience that wealthy individuals really do not appreciate losing money. Also, negative returns have a much greater impact on your overall performance than any positive return can have. Although we cannot always promise a positive return in any given calendar year, it remains our goal to keep losses to a minimum for clients.

We believe that taking a balanced approach in building your portfolio mitigates the risk associated with investing in equity and fixed-income investments. The speed and degree to which financial markets can change course should give investors reason to pause and reflect on the dangers of taking an extreme market view - both bullish and bearish.

The Allinotte Gagnon Wealth Advisory Group encourages a balanced approach to guard against market volatility. The goal should be to increase the odds of long-term favourable results relative to investment goals (ie. retiring with sufficient funds) rather than maximizing short-term expected returns.

It is only through the proper use of all asset classes in a balanced mix that together we will achieve your goals and dreams.