We endeavor to provide conservative, personalized financial advice and solutions to individuals, families and businesses.  Our goal is to bring our clients financial success, comfort and peace of mind.



Our Core Investment Philosophies

  • Keep it Simple

  • Focus on people, not on products

  • A key determinant to successful investing is an appropriate mix of assets (Cash, Fixed Income and Equities)

  • Have a plan and follow it

  • Invest in quality securities

  • Time in the market is more important than market timing

  • Always invest with tax consequences in mind

  • Don't use a short time frame to define success or failure, investing is a marathon, not a 100-yard dash

  • Periods of difficulty, negativity and confusion usually represent excellent long-term buying opportunities


Primary Reasons To Work With Our Team

  1. We take a balanced approach to investing

  2. Ease of contact

  3. Fast and efficient follow-up

  4. Regular communication and performance reporting

  5. Expert knowledge of products and services

  6. We strive to understand your total financial situation

  7. We believe strongly in education and endeavour to continually upgrade our skills

  8. If and when we don't have an answer to your question, we find it out for you


What We Do As Wealth & Investment Advisors

  • We draw on these tremendous resources and using our own intuition we construct portfolios that will help you achieve your goals

  • We help to define what you want out of life and how your financial situation can be adjusted so you can become happier and more prosperous

  • We act as a buffer between your emotions and your investment behaviour

  • We serve as an information filter and resource for your financial matters

  • We handle all of the worrisome and complicated procedural issues relating to your money


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