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Investor Education

Preferred Shares - An Introduction
High-quality preferred shares are suitable for both income-oriented and balanced investors. The consistent dividends and the favourable tax treatment make them ideal for a well-diversified portfolio.

Income Trust - An Introduction
An excellent review of Income Trusts - what type of asset they are (high yielding equity, not fixed income), tax treatment, risks.

Bonds - An Introduction
An excellent overview of Fixed Income products, reviews the features and benefits of each, an essential read for investors.

The Importance of Assest Allocation
The key to the success of any investment plan is the foundation upon which it is built. Successful long-term investing is based on a well designed asset allocation model, answering the question for you as an investor: "How much money should I have in Stocks, Bonds and Cash?"

Investing Handbook
An excellent introduction to investing. Reviews the importance of Asset Allocation, minimizing Risk and how each type of investment is taxed.

Flow Through Investing - an introduction
The basics of Flow Through Investing are explained.

The Economics of Flow Through Investments
Provides an overview of the features and benefits of Flow Through Investments, as well as a before and after-tax breakdown for investors residing in Alberta, BC and Ontario.

Strip Bonds - An Introduction
Strip bonds are a key component for RRSP accounts. Bought at a discount, these bonds mature at par ($100) value and have the benefits of compounding interest and increased yields.