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Cory Ready

979 Bank Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5K5

BCom (Hons), Queen's School of Business, Kingston, Canada
MBA, Richard Ivey School of Business, London, Canada
CIM, Canadian Securities Institute

Cory, founder of Ready & Associates, provides innovative wealth management expertise to a focused group of families, businesses, and institutions. His clients benefit from a partnership with a proven, experienced ,results driven profesional.
Ready & Associates - "Different Thinking. Different Results"

Ready & Associate's clients benefit from working with one of the most experienced, educated and knowledgeable financial professionals in the business. Cory has developed a reputation for working with sophisticated, discerning and successful clients that expect the absolute best from the professionals with whom they chose to partner with.

Cory has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business / finance from two of Canada’s top business schools.

He has over a decade of experience acting as a professional trusted advisor. Cory spent just under 4 years based in Toronto advising on business strategy to CEO’s and other top business leaders across the globe with one of the world's largest consulting firms. For 3 years, Cory was based in London, U.K. as a Vice President with a top investment bank where he advised institutional Portfolio Managers across Europe on winning investment ideas in the Canadian financial markets. Prior to living in London, he worked with a leading Wall Street investment bank in New York & in Toronto, also in an institutional advisory role.

Cory has recently integrated back into the Ottawa community, where he now, for almost five years, provides families, businesses, and institutions the benefit of his global financial experience and his unique institutional approach to wealth management.

Cory is an active member in the Ottawa community serving on the Board of Directors of both the Max Keeping Foundation and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

We are not trying to be the biggest. Cory deliberately aims to keep his practice, Ready & Associates, focused to provide an unsurpassed and extraordinary level attention and service to all of his clients. Ready & Associates is presently open to accepting new clients through referral.

How Ready & Associates Helps Clients

Ready & Associates helps clients with all aspects of the creation, preservation, transfer and distribution of wealth.
  • Investment Management

  • Retirement & Financial Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Succession & Transition Planning
Our Unique Approach

At Ready & Associates we pride ourseleves in taking an unconventional approach to Risk. We acutely focus on Risk througout our process. Defining it, identifying it, uncovering it and analysing it. We then develop portfolio and planning strategies to sucessfuly manage risk in the context. of our client's unique financial goals and objectives.

Based on Cory's extensive professional background, Ready & Associates has developed a disciplined and unique institutional approach to creating and managing wealth for the benefit of clients.

The approach centres on a top down process that starts with looking holistically at the client’s goals, objectives and most importantly known and unknown risks. From there, it is the client’s unique needs that drive the entire process.

The key components of the Ready & Associates approach include:
  • Development of a financial plan to uncover potential opportunities and guide investment objectives;

  • Creation of a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS), this will guide strategic and tactical portfolio allocation decisions;

  • Comprehensive economic and investment research to support security selection and asset allocation decisions within the portfolio;

  • Ongoing monitoring of economic & market conditions as well as constand risk management in the context of the investment objectives of the portfolio;

  • Scheduled client meetings with a clear agenda in order to discuss evolving client needs and goals;

  • Complete transparency of all fees
Our Promises

Ready & Associates believes that results cannot be separated from the manner by which they are obtained. Ready & Associates has outlined their promises which serve as his guiding principles of business:
  • We have the insight, expertise and courage to truly help individuals, families and institutions grow and manage wealth and we will help them achieve what is most important to them.

  • We believe in honesty, fairness and doing the right thing for people above all else. That’s what we feel every client should expect from a trusted advisor and that is what we will unconditionally deliver.

  • We have a relentless drive and curiosity to solve the complex financial problems that others may shy away from. We do what we do because we love it and you can always count on us as a trusted partner.

  • The goals and the needs of every one of our clients are unique, and we believe that it is our job to truly listen and understand them. Our clients are our partners and they deserve and will receive the most comprehensive service and tailored financial advice available in the industry.

  • We believe that it is incumbent upon us to give back to the community in which our family and clients live. We will continuously strive to make a positive impact in the community that we share through a commitment to philanthropy and social causes.