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Claude Desrochers
Karina Campos
Arthur Martinot

Tel: 514-282-5957
Fax: 514-282-8199

1501, avenue McGill College
32e étage
Montréal, QC
H3A 3M8

Claude Desrochers

Languages spoken
French, English, Spanish

Our Mission:
We offer a superior service commitment and a personalized investment approach, which will allow you to get the most out you investments and achieve financial security and independence.
Who are we?

We are a team of dedicated investment professionals, committed to understanding the needs and financial goals of our clients, using our expertise to help them achieve these goals. With over 35 years of combined investment experience and more than 200 million in assets under management, we have advised clients through both good and bad market cycles, and helped them stay disciplined to avoid acting on emotions.

Our partnership with BMO Nesbitt Burns, one of North America's leading full service investment firms, provides you with an extensive range of financial products and services. We can draw upon the full depth and breadth of the BMO Financial Group of Companies to provide Canadian Investors with an integrated and multi-disciplinary wealth management solution.

Our investment philosophy!

We provide investment advice to our clients to help them manage their portfolio efficiently on a long term basis. We are also implementing a balanced approach to investment using a broad set of financial tools that fit our clients' unique objectives. Such an investment strategy helps reduce the portfolio volatility as well as clients' anxiety.

We start by carefully listening to our clients' needs to determine their objectives and risk tolerance. Once the risk profile is established, we create an investment policy statement, a written document that becomes the basis to implement the ideal asset allocation for the client. It becomes the road map. We then review regularly the strategy to evaluate the changes needed according to the economic prospects, market trends and clients' needs. It is a continuous approach that will give you confidence in your financial well-being and the peace of mind you deserve.

Our consultative approach aims at building a long term relationship based on integrity and trust.

Advantages of working with us!

At BMO Nesbitt Burns, we offer a full set of products and services to answer all you financial needs. We can help you build an investment strategy that fits the most your existing and future financial objectives. You will also have access to tax experts and estate and insurance experts. We will build a financial plan with you and an education saving plan for your children to ensure that you reach your long term goals.  We will discuss the broad range of financial tools that are offered to you, including, fixed income, stocks, ETFs..., to help you choose what fits your needs the most. Together, we will build a solid base for the management of your wealth.

We also offer many other advantages, including:

1. Online services, at all time

2. Industry leading market research

3. Asset management programs

4. Timely market communications to keep you informed

5. Seminars

Have you ever wondered?! (we have the answer)

1. Will I have enough assets to live comfortably at retirement?
  • We will build a financial plan together to help you achieve that goal.
2. Is my existing asset allocation still suitable for me given the economic situation?
  • We monitor together interest rates, trends and economic cycles to ensure an ideal asset allocation for your needs.
3. Is it possible to invest and minimise taxes at the same time?
  • We make sure to use all the tools we can to minimise the tax burden.
4. I pay for financial advice. How can I determine which account  is suitable for my situation?
  • We calculate your return after commissions paid, we can also consider whether fee-based account is suitable for your situation.
Furthermore, we can show you investment solutions that you might not have conseridered in the past. Don't forget: when considering investments, even the smallest changes can have a considerable impact over the years.

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