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"We Challenge the Status Quo With Respect to Service and Advice in the Private Wealth Advisory World"

Investment counsel, hands-on engagement and rigorous attestation for the high net worth client 

"The discerning clients with whom we work expect a Respectful, Critically minded, Compassionate, Innovative and Adaptive Wealth Counsel Group who puts their clients' interests first. And, who is willing to take the lead role in organizing and driving their financial affairs towards achieving their goals."

~ Christine D. Fortin

We possess a global expertise that is unheard of in the private wealth counsel marketplace. Having the benefit of managing money overseas and in Toronto for large multinational corporations and pension plans provides us with a distinct advantage over our peers. Our globally experienced team is multi-faceted with over 170 years of Economic, Investment, Financial Planning, Banking and Estate Planning Experience.

We have a strong set of Core Values; they are everything we stand for. Our Business Beliefs are our guiding principles of meticulous wealth counsel.

Peace of Mind
Our office is a welcoming and vibrant environment where our clients have confidence knowing their ever evolving financial concerns are resolved by a team that is sensitive to changing needs, enormously respectful, clear, unabashedly detailed and critically minded.



New clients accepted by referral only

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