Personalized Service and Results

Our wealth group works closely with business owners, executives, farmers, and their families during their working and retirement years. We also manage investment strategies for institutions and non-profit organizations to ensure their assets meet preservation and growth aspirations in perpetuity.  

The roots of our wealth group go back to 1974. We are proud to work with clients across Canada, the United States, and Europe from our office based in Winnipeg.


Working with Families

We believe that financial success starts with a personalized wealth plan that outlines your family goals, and future plans. These goals and plans include, but are not limited to: preservation and growth of wealth, planning for income, protecting your lifestyle, and the seamless transfer of your legacy to desired beneficiaries. In collaboration with your other trusted advisors, we work to prepare planning, taxation, and investment strategies tailored to fit your unique situation.

Many of our client relationships span multiple generations of the same family. Understanding what is important to each member of your family enables us to provide personalized advice. The Sutton Thiessen Stiver Wealth Group is uniquely positioned to engage with all of your family members based on our extensive experience and diverse demographic make-up.

Working With Institutions & Non-Profit Organizations

Our wealth group tailors investment strategies to meet the requirements of your organization and its Investment Policy Statement (IPS). We manage these investment assets within the guidelines of the IPS, utilizing our discretionary process for institutions and non-profit organizations. We also provide peripheral services to facilitate the receipt of donated securities by working directly with your donors and their advisors.