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Recommended Books

Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth
by Nick Murray
How to manage your wealth, plain and simple. Start here.

Wealth: Grow it, Protect it, Spend it, Share it
by Stuart E Lucas
A Harvard Business School graduate who's worked at wealth management firms, and a fourth-generation heir of E.A. Stuart, the founder of the Carnation Company, Lucas focuses principally on how to structure your investments, spending decisions (like whether to engage in philanthropy) and emotional issues.

Stocks for the Long Run
by Jeremy Siegel, Wharton School of Business Professor
This book provides detailed analysis supporting Seigel’s key strategies for amassing a solid portfolio with enhanced returns and reduced risk. An essential read to fully understand the market-including its behaviour, past trends, and future influences. For the Analytical minds like me.

Choking on the Silver Spoon: Keeping Your Kids Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in a Land of Plenty
by Gary Buffone
Offers parents a program, based on the Five Immutable Laws of Financial Parenting, with practical principals and prescriptions to guide parent's every decision when handling kids and money, no matter what their age or stage in life.

The Richest man in Babylon
by George Samuel Clason
A great gift for someone starting out. Characters in parables learn simple lessons in financial wisdom.

The Canadian Snowbird in America
by Terry Ritchie
A comprehensive overview of financial-management issues for Canadians living in the United States in clear and simple language.

The Glass Castle: A Memoir Paperback
by Jeannette Walls
A read I enjoyed for some perspective on parenting. Let’s me off the hook if I don’t win the Parent of the Year award.