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Catherine Morrissey
Donald R. Lawson
Donna McLean
Tony Stephens

1 First Canadian Place
39th Floor, P.O. Box 150
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3

The Difference

The Morrissey Group stands out for a number of reasons:

Cash flow management
We want our clients to know what they own, why they own it, and how much it pays. Because their portfolio is income-based, clients can better plan for the future.

Access to buying opportunities
The Morrissey Group has direct access to new issue opportunities and traders. Our clients' portfolios are not locked in, meaning we can efficiently capitalize on attractive investment opportunities.

Customized portfolio
Each client has an individualized portfolio. When we first meet, we discover your objectives and risk tolerance. Your plan and portfolio are continuously monitored and fine-tuned to meet your needs.

Ongoing communication and guidance
Our minimum 30-day contact rule means we connect at least once a month with you and your portfolio.
We tell you what we recommend and why. We help you understand what you own, why you own it and how much it pays. You tell us about any major changes, and we help you navigate the best path for the future.

Cost-effective approach
We work with you to determine the most efficient method for your needs, whether it is pay per trade or a fee-based program. Our services are designed to fit your needs.

Access to a full range of services
Morrissey Group clients can take advantage of one-stop shopping for:

  • Retirement planning

  • Financial planning

  • Estate planning

  • Tax planning

  • Insurance planning

  • Banking facilities

Know what you own, why you own it, and how much it pays.

Call us today: (416) 359-7743