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Working With Us


We develop a customized approach for each client that encompasses every aspect of our clients’ family’s financial security, including:
  • Protecting your Lifestyle
  • Portfolio Management
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Your retirement
  • Creating a Legacy
  • Philanthropy and Giving Strategies

We have learned that becoming good advisors takes more than having good advice to offer. It takes caring, patience and a commitment to listen and learn about our clients’ lifelong visions, goals and dreams.

Behind us are the extensive resources of BMO Nesbitt Burns. Our overall research has been ranked number one by Brendan Wood International for 25 consecutive years. Since its origins in 1912, BMO Nesbitt Burns has been committed to helping clients meet their financial objectives and goals with the highest standards.


Clients seek our assistance in providing clarity, insight, and advice concerning family wealth matters. We partner with high net worth individuals and their families as they pass through various life stages: from saving for the future to post-retirement. Entrusting us with the role of "Family CFO” gives our clients the security of knowing that the expertise of a seasoned team of professionals is guiding them through the complexities of strategic wealth management.


We believe that our commitment to our clients is second to none. Our professional knowledge and detailed process is complimented with empathy and understanding, resulting in long-standing trusted relationships with our clients.

Henderson & Associates is not satisfied until we have met the highest standards of wealth advisory service because our clients trust us not only with their own wealth management needs, but also those of their families and close friends.


To help you accumulate, manage and preserve personal wealth, Henderson & Associates provides a full range of wealth management services. With our in-house specialists and access to the expert resources within BMO Financial Group, we have the services and resources you need to reach your financial goals.

Financial Planning
Goal setting
Cash-flow analysis
Net worth assessment
Investment planning
Retirement planning
Income and asset protection
Estate planning
Tax efficiency

Investment Planning
Establishment of investment objectives
Asset allocation strategy development
Portfolio design and security selection
Investment management and advice
Selection and monitoring of investment managers
Periodic portfolio reviews and rebalancing

Credit and Banking Strategies
Effective credit management – mortgage, line of credit, personal and business loans
Cash management

Retirement Planning
Identify goals
Evaluate expected income
Determine additional savings needed
At retirement, develop a tax-efficient income strategy

Protecting Your Lifestyle
Income continuance planning (life and disability insurance)
Develop asset protection strategies (mortgage life insurance, business continuation insurance, critical illness and long-term care insurance and insurance for estate planning).

Legacy Planning
Assess current and potential estate value
Determine obligations (debts, dependants, taxes and probate costs)
Identify estate planning issues and opportunities
Devise strategies to fund obligations and wishes

Tax Efficiency
Review current and future tax situations
Uncover opportunities to save taxes or defer taxation
Develop strategies to cover future tax liabilities

Business Financial Services
Access to Commercial Banking Specialists
Business investment management
Succession planning and business transfer assistance

Philanthropic Giving
Establish a donor advised fund • through the BMO Nesbitt Burns Charitable Giving Program.

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No matter where you are in the life-long process of realizing your financial goals, you can benefit from our comprehensive perspective on wealth management. To find out more, contact us today.

We have learned that becoming good advisors takes more than having good advice to offer. It takes caring, patience and a commitment to listen and learn about our clients’ lifelong visions, goals and dreams.

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