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Brian Wagner

Investment Advisor

Tel: 403-260-9365
Fax: 403-260-9347
Toll Free: 800-465-9404

Brian Wagner

888 - 3rd Street SW
Suite 4100
Calgary, AB
T2P 5C5

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Why do I do what I do?

My Beliefs

Why do I do what I do?

Brian's key focus in his business is you, the client. He takes pride in knowing that he bases his recommendations on knowledge and research that is intended to protect his clients from financial products and information that may limit their ability to reach their goals.

Brian's key beliefs illustrate his respect for his clients and the importance of creating a business based on ethics, integrity and sound recommendations:

  • I believe clients should not invest in things that they do not understand

  • I believe in carefully vetting and selecting each investment idea that I recommend

  • I believe that dividend paying equities are the best approach to long term investing

  • I simply refuse to recommend any investment that I cannot figure out how it will significantly benefit my clients

  • I believe that most investors need a financial advisor to guide them through the volatile nature of financial markets