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Our Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach

The Importance of Diversifying your Assets

In today’s evolving world, the key to achieving your goals with the least amount of risk possible is to properly diversify your assets. This involves choosing the appropriate mix of cash, equities, and fix income for your risk profile. With access to the renowned expertise of the BMO Nesbitt Burns research team, we are able to recommend the most appropriate asset mix for you and then closely monitor your portfolio and adjust the mix when appropriate.

A Conservative but Active Growth Approach

Interest rates in Canada are at record lows and many Canadians surveyed indicate they may have two or three decades of rising living costs in retirement. It is thus very important that we manage a client’s nest egg in a conservative but growth-oriented manner. This consists of having an active element of security selection and focusing on high quality investments that limit your downside risk. While a buy and hold approach may apply to a portion of your investments, we believe an actively managed component of your investments is key to providing further downside risk protection and ensuring greater performance consistency over time – especially in the post Covid-19 world.

Quality and Getting Paid

The importance of investing in quality companies is best felt during times of economic uncertainty. When your portfolio experiences market weakness, we want you to know you can sleep well knowing that you own financially sound businesses that have a market for their products and services.

It is very important to us as investment managers that your investments pay you and that a large percentage of your investments pay dividends. An investment that pays a solid dividend provides a head start on achieving your annual return goal – and means that you are not solely reliant on the capital appreciation of your investments to hit your targets.