Sarah Kwon

Director, Wealth Planning at BMO Wealth Management

Sarah is passionate about providing high net worth individuals, families and business owners with comprehensive financial planning advice and solutions, including cash flow analysis, retirement needs, tax planning strategies, risk management, philanthropy and estate planning. Drawing on her experience in tax and public accounting, her clients benefit from a depth of insight and unique foresight into a diverse range of situations, facilitating actionable recommendations.

Sarah joined BMO Wealth Management in 2019. Prior to this role, she was a tax manager at Smythe, specializing in cross border planning for privately owned businesses and high net worth individuals. Sarah has experience with a wide variety of tax issues including personal, corporate, trust and cross border tax. She holds a BSCs (Bachelors of Science) from McGill, CPA (cCertified Public Accountant) designation, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and EA (Enrolled Agent) designation.

Sarah uses a holistic approach and collaborates with her colleagues in BMO Wealth Managment to help clients clearly articulate their personal wealth goals. Sarah's goal as part of the BMO Wealth Planning team, is to empower clients with comprehensive and customized solutions, resoving complex situations through co-ordinated and proactive wealth plans.