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Bradley Goldhar
Sofia Sapra
Sherman Sung
Norman Shiner
Marianne Cizmar
Bronwyn Scott

Tel: 416-359-6650

1 First Canadian Place
39th Floor, P.O. Box 150
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3

How We Can Work Together

We work with our clients to determine whether a discretionary or non-discretionary account is the right approach - it all depends on what kind of involvement our clients would like to have with the investment decisions.

Discretionary portfolios are managed in a number of different ways:

  1. The "Managed Portfolio Account" or MPA where we structure portfolios and make all the investment decisions

  2. Managed asset programs such as "Architect" or "BluePrint" where we partner with world-class investment managers

For clients who like to be involved in all of the investment decisions we offer:

  1. "Meridian" fee-based accounts

  2. Traditional commission-based accounts