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Brad Gross
Michelle Jerred
Jennifer Juuti
Cindy de Jong


213 Central Ave N
Swift Current, SK
S9H 0L3

Who We Work With

  Business Owners        
We work closely with business owners of all sorts - we invest corporate funds and ensure cash is available    
  when needed.  We will coordinate the sale of a business or transition to the next generaltion. 
  We work together with yourbusiness professionals including your legal and tax people.


   We specialize in people who are retired or getting close to it.  This allows us to tailor our service and expertise
   to the unique needs of retirees.  Our retirement planning process and technology is second to none!

  Diligent Savers
  While some of our clients may not consider themselves "rich", thanks to diligent saving and frugal living, they
  have accumulated a retirement nest of egg of at least $500,000. 

  Nice People
  We take pride in the trusted relationship we have with our clients.