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Brad Charlton
Kevin Devine
Holly Traikos
James Kraft

1 First Canadian Place
38th floor, P.O. Box 150
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3


Brad Charlton
Investment Advisor, Managing Director and Branch Manager

Tel: (416) 359-5673
Fax: (416) 359-4441
Email: Brad Charlton


Kevin Devine 
Associate Investment Advisor

Tel: (416) 359-5307
Fax: (416) 359-4441
Email: Kevin Devine


Holly Traikos 
Investment Representative

Tel: (416) 359-7582
Fax: (416) 359-4441
Email: Holly Traikos


Our Partners


Silvia Gomes
Senior Private Banker, BMO Private Banking

Tel: (416) 554-5845



James W. Kraft 
Estate and Insurance Advisor, Vice President, BMO Estate Insurance Advisory Services

Tel: (416) 359-7278



Rhonda Blanche 
Estate and Insurance Advisor, BMO Estate Insurance Advisory Services

Tel: (416) 359-5212
Email: Rhonda Blanch