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Andrew Vernon
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Our Partners

Working with Vernon Wealth Management provides you with access to the broadest selection of wealth management solutions and services available today through BMO Nesbitt Burns. We work with a team of experts who are able to provide our clients with a holistic approach to investing.
Wealth Management Consulting Team

BMO Nesbitt Burns has assembled an extended team of industry experts and designated specialists with whom Vernon Wealth Management can partner on your behalf should your needs require it. Backed by this group of accountants, lawyers, insurance professionals, tax and estate specialists, we can provide a comprehensive approach that incorporates your wealth and life management needs, interests and aspirations.
Estate and Insurance

Many people are concerned about their financial security in retirement and preserving the value of their estate for the next generation. Asset preservation is an integral component of any financial plan. Insurance can play an important role in your financial plan as a tax-efficient asset preservation tool. In working closely with Vernon Wealth Management and our Estate and Insurance Advisors we can provide you with the insurance solutions best suited to complement your wealth management strategy.
Tony Stephens
Estate & Insurance Advisor
BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services Inc.

Tony Stephens has over 24 years of experience specializing in insurance and estate planning strategies and joined BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services Inc in 1997. Before joining the firm, Tony held management positions at a leading commercial bank and left in 1983 to start his own private consulting work for bank clients. In 1985, Tony started an estate and insurance consulting practice advising professionals and business owners. When Tony is not working he enjoys golfing, woodworking and travelling with his wife and children.
Tim Simpson
Estate & Insurance Advisor
BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services Inc.

Tim joined BMO Nesbitt Burns in 2007 after twelve years in various Risk Management positions in the financial services industry. Consistently delivering a polished and professional approach to life insurance, Tim is available to our clients to give personal guidance with estate planning and risk management needs. Whether for a business, organization or for you personally, he specializes in creating custom-designed solutions to meet your specific needs and integrate them with your wealth management plan. Clients and their respective tax and legal advisors have come to trust and rely upon Tim’s valuable knowledge and sound advice.

An active Sports enthusiast and philanthropist, Tim is a firm believer in giving back to the community. In particular, he is a dynamic supporter of Heart and Stroke Foundation and the OAFL.
Valerie Chedore
Estate & Insurance Advisor
BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services Inc.

Valerie’s focus is on insurance and annuity strategies to minimize risk and tax in the areas of wealth creation and wealth preservation. She is a Chartered Financial Consultant with over 23 years in the financial services industry.
Estate and Trust Services

Now that you have built your wealth, you want to safeguard your prosperity for the future. Through our partners at BMO Trust Company they are able to help guide in the preservation and transfer of your assets. An effective estate and trust plan expresses your deeply held values and priorities – what's important to you. You want the assurance that:

  • Your loved ones will be protected

  • Your wishes will be carried out

  • The transfer to your heirs will be smooth and orderly

Allow us to look after your interests as you pass on your wealth to your family members, generations to come and to the causes you hold dear.
David Tremblett, CFP, TEP
Trust & Estate Planner
BMO Trust Company

David brings over 20 years of experience in the Trust and Financial Planning Industry as a Trust and Estate Planner. David has worked extensively with our clients in the area of Estate, Will and Trust Planning. He has earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation and is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. If you have been appointed as executor or trustee and find the responsibility too onerous or time consuming, we can simplify your life by helping you fulfill your duties, and act as your Agent. If you are considering a corporate executor, you can choose to appoint BMO Trust Company to help you with estate planning and administration.

When considering who to appoint as executor, look for the following qualities:
Knowledge, Accessibility, Fairness, Integrity, Emotional stability.
David is committed to providing expert estate planning and ensuring our clients have a capable executor that can fulfill their duties.