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The benefits of making a charitable donation are countless; from helping those in need to the personal satisfaction you feel when giving something back to a cause you feel passionate about.

We help you create a philanthropic strategy and explore giving back to your community and shaping the future through gifts to educational, cultural or faith institutions.

We work with you to:

  • Be more strategic and thoughtful in giving

  • Maximize personal and corporate donations

  • Structure an endowment fund or charitable remainder trust

  • Create a family foundation

    Donating appreciated securities - an overlooked strategy

    A donation of qualifying publicly-traded securities may be preferred over a cash donation of equal value, particularly in cases where you have already decided to dispose of the securities during the year.

    The fair market value of securities donated to charity will reduce your taxes through a charitable donation tax credit.

    On donations over $200 this can result in a tax savings of approximately 46% of the value of the donation (depending on your province of residence).

    Request our philanthropic guide to giving back entitled 'Your Giving Strategy' via email.