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Andrew Galbraith
Darren Knott

Tel: 905-685-6277

80 King Street West
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St. Catharines, ON
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Our Philosophy

To use the analogy of a baseball game - our objective is to hit singles and doubles consistently, while also playing strong defense. This is a strategy that wins games repeatedly, and similarly forms the backbone of our investment advice.

We rely on result based policies that have proven to be successful and a step by step professional approach to investing.


Know What You Own
We look for 1) Understandable businesses with attractive investment properties 2) Industry leadership 3) Solid management with a proven track record.

Know Why You Own It
We are thoughtful in our recommendation of investments for you, ensuring the right fit in support of your longer term goals.


Needs-Based Investing
The proper balance between returns and volatility is determined by understanding your unique circumstances. We want to protect your money and make it grow at a reasonable rate according to your needs.

Our recommendations flow from a process that marries award winning BMO Capital Markets financial research with BMO Nesbitt Burns investment strategy.

This enhances your portfolio’s ability to deliver attractive returns in the long-term while reducing risk at the same time.


Behavioral Investing
Media-driven, emotional investing is dangerous to your financial health. On your behalf we provide patience and discipline to achieve your goals.

Continuous Monitoring
Your portfolio is monitored on an ongoing basis. Opportunities will be acted upon and any areas of concern will be addressed in a timely manner.

When reviewing our progress together we will recommend changes to your asset mix if it strays too far off plan or if your personal circumstances change.

To receive a monthly BMO Nesbitt Burns portfolio strategy report email us here.