We understand that life is full of a multitude of moments, phases, and goals; from saving for a first home or your dream home, planning for kids and enjoying memories made with them, saving for retirement and into retirement, achieving your goals, checking off a bucket list or the to do list around the house. We believe in making your money work to your best advantage to achieve your personal financial objectives. We believe in providing a holistic approach to service our clients and work closely with our BMO Partners to ensure clients get the full picture and their portfolios reach their maximum potential.

We Are Experienced:

Andrew strives to help clients achieve a fully diverse portfolio approach to investing and employing the principle of dollar cost averaging to take advantage of market volatility. He helps clients reach their financial objectives while educating them on the challenges of building and preserving capital in the increasingly complex marketplace. By working closely with our clients, we can formulate a customized and unique investment strategies designed to improve portfolio returns, while managing risk levels.

We are committed to building a solid, lasting relationship with all our clients. It is a top priority of ours to keep clients informed, which means providing access to a wealth of educational materials, promptly returning calls and emails, and ensuring there is quick follow up on any administrative issues. Andrew monitors accounts on an ongoing basis to take advantage of opportunities and changing market conditions as they arise. As part of our process, we are continuously reviewing goals, strategy, and portfolio performance with our clients.