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Our Services

Knowledge-based, tailored investing

We manage risk through asset allocation, proper diversification, quarterly rebalancing and investment discipline. Diversification is particularly important for medical practitioners and other business owners who typically invest primarily in their own companies. I maximize your portfolio performance while minimizing the tax consequences for your holding company or personal estate down the road.

I blend three methodologies to select the best stocks in the ideal context in terms of markets, sectors and timeframes:

1. Bottom-up stock picking — Quantitative analysis and research of companies/securities that provide dividend income. We perform the analysis ourselves, listen to the conference calls and do extra due diligence.
2. Top-down Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) strategies — Based upon qualitative analysis of global macroeconomic trends and market cycles, we determine if we should invest in Canadian or US stocks, what sectors exhibit stronger relative growth and whether we should be in emerging markets and which ones.
3. Multi-manager approach — I work with institutional fund managers who deliver superior long-term, risk-adjusted returns and include investments from outside the S&P 500 that we might otherwise miss.

In addition, I offer access to :
• Initial public offerings —participate in the first publicly-available round of share issuances through Initial Public Offerings, or Capital Pool Companies. Gain access to tightly structured investment vehicles while gaining additional exposure via IPOs to share purchase warrants.
• Flow-through shares — Convert current taxable income into tax-advantaged capital gains taxable at some point in the future in context of your portfolio and comfort level.
• Options strategies — I am qualified and experienced enough to perform this advantageous investment strategy. Used properly, they increase your chances of making money while limiting your chance of losing it.

Advising law partners. I specialize in advising lawyers, who: often have complex lives, assets in the US and Europe, and sophisticated financial management needs; are partners in their firms, faced with investment constraints and/or blacklisted stocks imposed by independence restrictions; earn high incomes and enjoy abundant lifestyles, but have not focused on investing for long-term future success; do not have pensions or adequately funded retirement plans; and have little or no time to devote to their investments.

*Products are based on suitability of each particular client.