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Louise's Pandemic Tips

As of late knowing where to get the best products is a must, most of these companies I have regularly used for the past 6 years and a couple that are newer to me during the pandemic. I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you during this uncertain time.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to know any more about the products and services.

Order Fresh  
Local produce delivered to your door every Thursday, includes: Truly Northern Farms, Birch Lake Abattoir, Adoro Olive Oils, Fromagerie Kapuskoise, The Ugly Barn Mushrooms, Old Rock Coffee, I’m So Jelly, Salty Dog Bagels, Stu-Ann Bakery, La Baguette Magique & Zaher’s. A couple of new items you shouldn’t miss, the sticky buns (you won’t want to share) Zahers hummus sets and absolutely anything and everything from I’m So Jelly. Find them both on Instagram and Facebook.

Click Fork
Local produce delivered to your door every other Wednesday (or local pick up downtown), includes: Dalew Farms, Three Forks Farms, Kipling Ridge Farms, Field Good Farms,  Bison Du Nord, Thornloe Cheese, Herbert Fisheries, Sucrerie Seguin Sugarbush/Creek Bend Farm, Poschaven Farms The Ugly Barn Farm, Dare to Dream Alpaca Farm, Avalon Orchards, Real McCoy Wild Rice, TruNorth Naturals, Beans Deep Coffee, Think Goats, Candice’s Keto Kitchen, Boreal Berry Farm.  Find them both on Instagram and Facebook.

Dalew Farms
Chantal and Dave Lewington have been my  beef, lamb, goat, and egg supplier for the past 6 years.  They were the first local farmers I was introduced to and are based in Lavigne. A lot of their items are on the click fork group and as Chantal runs the group, if you buy from Click Fork, you will get to know her. If it wasn’t for Chantal, I would not have been introduced to Kipling Ridge or Bison Du Nord.  They have been in business for about 15 years and I couldn’t ask for more from my Dalew family.  You can find them on both Instagram and Facebook.

Kipling Ridge Farm
James Morin is the owner and is based in Verner, he has pork, beef, chicken and in the fall does turkeys - he is one of the farmers on Click Fork.

I have been buying my pork directly from Jim for a few years now and he has the best turkey I’ve ever had.  Oh and when he has flattened chickens, don’t miss out! I just got my summer 1/2 hog order and am enjoying smoked ham steaks, pork chops, ribs, bacon and with some of the ground pork I made Cuban burgers from a recipe from truLOCAL on Pinterest (I really love Pinterest). They were great! He and his family are kind and helpful, find them both on Instagram and Facebook.

Three Forks Farm
Peggy Baillie and Eric Blondin are my main chicken (their chicken is the best I’ve ever had) farmers, and my vegetable farmers for the past 5 years. They are certified organic and have just moved their farm from Warren to Manitoulin. You can order chicken directly from them. They have chicken (whole, breasts, legs) available at the Sudbury Thursday Farmers Market on York Street. They also sell their amazing vegetables (try the Kohlrabi and patti pan squash) at the farmers market and through click fork too. Peggy and Eric are friends of my brothers and I thoroughly enjoy my chats with them! Oh and before I forget, they have their own seeds for purchase, the beans grow amazingly year after year.

Tru Local
This is a new company I started using for items I may not be able to get in town. T
ruLOCAL is a proud Black-owned and led business. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, and fully support the fight to end systemic and institutionalized racism, prejudice, and brutality that is still prevalent in our society. They have just given out 4 x $5000 equal opportunity grants, read about them here:

My auntie Jill referred me and I’m glad she did, my family is very happy with the quality and they have exceptional customer service. They were featured on Dragons Den as they are a recent company that sources local farmers in Ontario, Alberta and BC. The meat and fish is frozen and sent packaged with dry ice to you every 2, 3, 4 or 6 weeks. You can keep to the same items every time or change it up (I change it up depending on what I need).

 have cheddar sausages, chicken wings and salmon burgers coming in my next box to name but a few - I’m so excited and oh did I mention they send out recipe cards with the boxes, also via email and Pinterest. As it’s burger season the blueberry bacon brie burger is on my list of recipes to try. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you would like to try it and save some money use the referral code LOUISE JOHN7857. 

Enchanted Hive
Mia Mathias is a friend of mine and her beeswax wraps are a staple in my house, available in every size and so many wonderful patterns – I was partial to the Harry Potter and Baby Yoda designs!  Whilst her main focus is the wraps, current times have led her to making masks, reusable paper towels and dinner napkins. Her products are sold at a variety of local establishments. She’s always coming up with new ideas and I can never wait to see what she is up to next. Find her both on Instagram and Facebook.

Epicure - Mia Mathis
Mia is also my epicure lady!  Epicure is a Canadian company founded in 1997 by Sylvie Rochette who wanted to make better meal solutions for Canadians. I’ve been using epicure for about 5 years and its’ changed how I view prepping food. They have everything from meal solutions (my personal favourite is general tao), meal kits (a selection of say everything to make Indian or Greek or Italian) herbs and spices (I love the pizza seasoning), sauces (they make a good alfredo), smoothie options, dressings, baking (the latest is chocolate cupcakes) to much much more.  It’s been essential in our house for the not only the gluten free options they provide but the reduction of salt in their offerings.  They come out with four catalogues a year, so there are seasonal items, they have surprise mystery boxes once in a while and if you follow them monthly you will see their current taste test or special set like July’s 30 Days of Simple Suppers. If you miss out on something please let me know as I may be able to locate it! Also, don’t forget to check out their recipes. I follow Sylvies Instagram account for what she’s cooking.

Old Soul Soap Company
Old Soul Soap Company by Robin Vienneau was introduction to me by Mia.  I’ve been using her products for 6 years now as they are gentle on the skin, so even my youngest Claire can use them. Not only can you buy online and find them at the farmers market, but now they have their own store as of June 20, 2020 at the Hill Top Plaza in Hanmer. I have so many favourites I can’t even decide, but here goes a few, the Merlot artisan soap, the goddess blend bath salts, pink peppermint bath bomb,  muscle ease rub and bug bite balm. When my box of goodies arrive, the smell is divine. Old Soul Soap can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Handy Mandy Maid
Do you need a little help at home…want to make your house sparkle or just simply need some cleaning supplies – Mandy can help. During the pandemic the fresh produce wash (which comes separate or part of the eat well kit) has been even more used than before. She specialises in house cleaning, window cleaning, small home repairs, drywall work, house painting and yard maintenance. Honestly I can’t live without Mandy, my home hasn’t never felt so clean and organized and truly is a big help as I try to parent and work at the same time. Little does Mandy know how many projects I have lined up for her! And a big thanks to Mia for referring her to me.