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Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

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Investment Management

Whether you are a conservative or a growth-oriented investor, and whether you are at the pre-retirement or post-retirement stage, I will design a prudent investment plan that best suits your needs. At BMO Private Wealth, I have the ability and objectivity to build a portfolio that is customized to suit your needs no matter how complex and sophisticated they may be.
Discipline. First, I will obtain a clear understanding of your long-term objectives, appetite for risk, need for cash flow and stable returns, and the current tax efficiency of your investment strategy. Then, I will integrate your goals into a disciplined, premium-quality, balanced portfolio, applying my prudent, structured, strategic approach that emphasizes risk management, diversification across asset classes and tax-efficient asset allocation.
I build all-season portfolios designed to thrive even through difficult markets and take a consistent approach during all cycles. Striving for a good, risk-adjusted return, I look for strong balance sheets and smart management teams within companies that can adjust nimbly to changing needs, trends and unforeseen influences, and an optimal balance of internal and external boutique investment managers based on macroeconomic analysis and your unique objectives.
Customization. Paying attention to your precise risk tolerance and maintaining low and transparent fees, I will design and monitor a unique portfolio based on your individual parameters. My goal is to maximize your long-term growth potential while creating a tax-wise, consistent income stream for retirement. I will monitor your portfolio regularly and carefully to manage risk and report your progress in meetings with you annually or more often if you prefer.

Due diligence. My investment recommendations are based on industry-leading research coverage from BMO Capital Markets and select third-party research to make certain that your portfolio is prudently invested and focused on generating long-term returns consistent with your profile. I continually rebalance my portfolios to maintain the asset allocation percentages we have agreed upon. This is key to your long-term success.
Account options.
I work with my clients through…
The BMO Private Wealth Architect Program, which brings you access to institutional-calibre investment managers, enhanced diversification and active portfolio oversight. Your portfolio is rebalanced quarterly to maintain your objectives and year-end tax harvesting minimizes tax reporting. This account allows me to combine various managers with different specializations and to use mutual funds for some categories that are not large enough in the portfolio to warrant using individual stocks or bonds. The mutual funds are held in the same account as your managed stocks or bonds, according to your unique parameters. Finally, this account even allows me to use low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) to build broad diversification at a very low cost.
The BMO Private Wealth Meridian Program, which provides your portfolio with a flexible combination of individual securities, ETFs and mutual funds. In collaboration with you, I will structure portfolios with the characteristics necessary to achieve strong performance over time. Investment management fees are fully disclosed, and you have access to Gateway, BMO’s online account access portal, which allows you to view your portfolio online at any time. The goal is to put you and me on the same side of the table, so that we are aligned in achieving your stated objectives.
In addition, I offer: 

Competitive fees. BMO Private Wealth has the scale, scope and buying power to negotiate fees with third parties.
Continuous oversight. Rigorous due diligence and dedicated research across our platform is based on investment policy and management committee standards.
Strong performance. I work with selected manager with proven track records whose performance is closely monitored on an ongoing basis.

Broad diversification. My asset allocation strategies and opportunities offer different approaches/styles to optimize long-term return potential and manage risk.

Cross-border expertise. I use our firm’s global resources and bench strength to inform my investment decisions.