Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Self-Directed RRSP



A contribution to the life you want

The whole notion of retirement is changing. So is retirement planning. There is some debate as to how much you’ll need to retire comfortably. A standard rule-of-thumb suggests you’ll need 70 percent of your pre-retirement income to maintain a comparable standard of living. But there is no “standard” retirement these days. Your plans and dreams will differ from others. However, it is increasingly apparent that the vast majority of this income will need to come from personal savings such as RRSPs.


The RRSP solution

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) provide you with an exceptional opportunity to save for your retirement. Not only are your RRSP contributions tax deductible, but all of the income earned on those contributions compounds on a tax-deferred basis.


A Self-Directed RRSP enables you to maximize your retirement savings by allowing you to select from a wide variety of qualified investments in order to enhance your investment returns. A Self-Directed RRSP also provides you with control and flexibility to alter your investments as market conditions or your personal circumstances change.


The BMO Nesbitt Burns Self-Directed RRSP Advantage


Professional advice

Kingsford & Associate’s professional expertise helps you make investment decisions within an ever-changing economic environment. Using our sophisticated planning software programs, we will design a plan based on the amount of income you will need to retire comfortably. A strategy can then be developed to help you reach that goal. Your age, cash flow, current savings, risk comfort level, anticipated retirement date, and desired retirement lifestyle will all be taken into consideration before a plan is implemented.


Flexibility and control

You may choose from a wide range of eligible investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and managed solutions. As market conditions fluctuate, new investments become available, or your personal circumstances change, you may easily alter your RRSP portfolio to respond to these changes.


Consolidated reporting

Combining all of your RRSPs into a single self-directed plan makes your financial planning much easier. You will receive a statement which summarizes your RRSP investments and all activity in your account.


Highest quality research

BMO Nesbitt Burns has one of the finest Economic and Research Departments in the investment industry. In fact, our research team has been ranked number one in Canada for the past 28 years.*


BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway

BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway provides you with convenient Internet access to your BMO Nesbitt Burns RRSP. You can view your RRSP holdings in detail; check past transactions; establish virtual portfolios; access prices on stocks, options and mutual funds; and communicate with your Investment Advisor.


BMO Nesbitt Burns - A profile

Since its origins in 1912, BMO Nesbitt Burns has been committed to helping clients meet their investment objectives and goals with the highest of standards.


Kingsford & Associates focuses on meeting the needs of individual investors through a customized approach to wealth management. We provide clients with personal advice and services, drawing upon some of the best knowledge and expertise in the industry.


As a member of BMO Financial Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns also provides clients with access to one of the broadest selections of wealth management solutions and services available today, both in Canada and the United States.


The quality of your retirement is important to us

Everyone wants to have a comfortable lifestyle at retirement. If you are presently saving money for retirement, chances are taxes and inflation are undermining your efforts. At Kingsford & Associates, we encourage you to invest for your retirement by contributing early, often, and as much as possible to your RRSP. To make sure that your RRSP works both hard and smart, ask us to review your current saving strategy in the context of your overall retirement plan.


And if you don’t have a plan, we’ll be pleased to help you build one. Now is the best time to insure that your retirement goals become a reality.