Charitable Giving

Charitable giving has always been an important part of social history and the spirit that inspires it, is universal.

Canada has a reputation as a wealthy and generous country but often this generosity is spur of the moment, in response to an immediate need. However, studies conducted by BMO Retirement Institute show that Canadians want to give more, give smarter and see charitable giving as a way to pass on family values to the next generation.

We can provide you with the means to make the most of your charitable giving – during your lifetime or as part of your estate:


  • Have a financial plan which incorporates your planned giving both during your lifetime and as part of your estate plan; this will show you how much you can afford to give.

  • Review your family budget and make charitable giving a year-long, rather than an end of the year event.

  • Donating appreciated securities is more advantageous than selling the securities and donating the cash proceeds because the capital gain on qualifying donated securities is tax free.

  • If you cannot afford to give as much as you’d like today, consider using life insurance. You can either make the charity the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy or you can continue to be the owner of the policy and name the charity as the beneficiary.

  • If you like the idea of a long-term giving strategy where you can direct the annual disbursements to the charities of your choice, consider setting up a donor advised fund through the BMO Nesbitt Burns Charitable Giving Program. This is also an excellent way to build a lasting legacy, include family members and bring different generations together with shared values and a common mission.