Four Key Client Meetings

Client Interactions

Meeting Personal Planning and Investment Review

This annual planning meeting focuses on developing a financial roadmap whether you’re saving for retirement or already retired.
• Retirement Plan - for pre-retirees
• Retirement Income Plan - for retirees to determine how to turn retirement savings into retirement cashflow

Proper planning during all stages of your life provides the framework from which we can develop a tailored investment plan.

Meeting Portfolio Review

This quarterly telephone meeting focuses solely on review and recommendations for your investment portfolio.

Ensures that your investment portfolio stays in line with your plan and objectives.

Meeting Investment Tax Planning Review

Specially designed meeting to review:
• Tax deductions, credits, income-splitting and tax shelter opportunities to help you minimize current and future taxes
• The proper structure of your investments to reduce tax and potentially reduce clawback of government pensions.
• How to minimize taxes to your estate

Helps you save tax both now and in the future through long-term tax planning.

Meeting Estate, Insurance and Retirement Lifestyle Review

This meeting covers all of the non-invest¬ment related issues that arise, specifically:
• Developing an effective Estate Plan to ensure your affairs are properly struc¬tured for your beneficiaries.
• A review of your contingency plans to provide for loved ones in case of accident, disability or critical illness.

Protects your beneficiaries and provides for a smooth estate transition.