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Our approach to Wealth Management has always been about more than just investment planning. It is also about empowering successful individuals and their families, to organize and take control of their own financial and life management plans, to allow them more time to focus on the important things in life.
The downloads or links to these articles are meant to highlight interesting and useful items that may improve or enhance our lives, our health, our style of living, or ways in which we may choose to utilize the wealth we are trying to build and protect for ourselves and for our loved ones.
Please read on and we encourage your feedback, positive or otherwise, or ideas you may wish to share or those you desire to see highlighted here in the future.
Planning for your Retirement?

Do you know a loved one who is retiring, in retirement, or are you considering it soon for yourself? The first link is a page on the Ontario government site dedicated to retirement.
  • Planning for your retirement? If you're already retired or have just started thinking about it, the Ontario government Senior Secretariat can help you plan with information and resources on active and healthy living, finances, safety tips, leisure activities and much more. It provides links to important information and forms such as the Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan Forms or links to find Senior’s Health Care resources…
  • Ontario Seniors Secretariat

Powers of Attorney and Living Will Kits

When we discuss estate planning with clients we typically recommend they see an estate planning lawyer for both their will and their Powers of Attorney. For those that had a more urgent need, like leaving on vacation or for the do-it-yourselfer clients, they have gone off to the business forms shop to pick up the kits. Now you can download Powers of Attorney and Living Will kits, straight from the government site for free...

Fitness & Nutritution

Many clients as they try to balance their home life with careers and other obligations, become more concerned about lifestlye. Especially for many, this may occur at a time of a life changing event. These concerns includes changing eating habits, exercise, reducing stress and disease prevention. For many they do not know where to start. So here are what we consider some helpful web sites.
  • The Scientific 7-Minute Workout is a great way to get started on a home exercise program without incurring any costs - and in only 7 minutes per day! (As with any exercise program to ensure you are not at risk - always check with your doctor before beginning any program). The Scientific 7-Minute Workout was made famous by the New York Times.
  • See also the iTunes app. to assist with your workouts!
  • 6 ways to get fit and save on fitness costs
  • The Canadian Food Guide is still the best place we know to get started on the road to eating your way to good health! Note from this site you can go to the site map to navigate your way to other great links on nutrition, exercise and health...

Mental Health
Although we all talk about stress, it often isn't clear what stress is really about. Many people consider stress to be something that happens to them, an event such as an injury or a promotion. Others think that stress is what happens to our bodies, minds and behaviours in response to an event (e.g. heart pounding, anxiety, or nail biting). While stress does involve events and our response to them, these are not the most important factors. Our thoughts about the situations in which we find ourselves are the critical factor.