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May 2021 E-Newsletter

Posted on: May 27, 2021

Our indicators:
  • Short term: We are in the Green Zone, but expecting a short lived pullback sometime over the next 4 months.
  • Mid & Long-term: We are in the Green Zone looking out to the end of this year and possibly into 2022. However, the further we project the less strength we see.
Active & Strategic Management:
The bottom line is we remain fully invested. Our positions are performing well and overall better than the market. We have maintained exposure to the strongest relative sectors (Financials, Industrials, Basic Materials, Energy) and have continued to focus attention on... Click here to read more

Fundamental Perspective: An economic analysis considering the overall state of the economy, industry trends, and influences propelling the market.
Key Message: Despite all the uncertainty that surrounds us, the economy and market is expected to grow through to the end of 2021. Although there are certain pockets that appear overvalued, the general consensus is that the primary factors at play are...Click here to read more

Technical Perspective: An analysis of market trends and patterns, as well as pressures on price to gain insight into the future direction of the market.
Key Message: We are expecting a short term pullback in the near term, which will once again test the strength of the market. Looking a little further out, there seems to be consistent expectations among technical analysts that the market is...Click here to read more. 

It is incredibly important to ensure your money is being invested based on a defined strategy and that there are rules behind the execution of that strategy. This may sound like a given, but surprisingly and far too often as you dig a little deeper you discover some holes in how your funds are being managed...Click here to read more.

Cash planning
Many individuals are sitting on higher than ideal levels of cash, nervous to get back into the market and hoping to time their re-investment at the bottom of the next pullback. However, there is a flaw in this approach...Click here to read more.


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