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Ramsey Melhem

Ramsey Melhem

BMO Nesbitt Burns
800 Manulife Place
10180 - 101 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5J 3S4

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Investment Philosophy

"Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas"

-Paul Samuelson



A Smart, Conservative Approach

My team and I understand that you have worked long and hard to accumulate your wealth, which is why we take a conservative approach in managing it.
The focus is not on timing marketing movmements or picking the next "hot stock". Rather, the focus is on crafting a long-term investment strategy that is tailored to your risk levels, time horizons, life dreams and objectives. 

Removing Emotions from Investing

According to market research firm DALBAR, over the last 20 years the average do-it-yourself investor has under performed the markets by 3.5% annually. 

Why does this happen? Why is the average Canadian a terrible investor? Because humans are biologically wired to make poor investment decisions with their own money. When it comes to investing, your worst enemy is likely to be yourself.

It is vital to have a proactive, disciplined investment process that captures market returns over the course of your lifetime. Having an Investment Advisor on your side who knows when to act and when not act, and can help manage your emotions during difficult market periods, is an imperative aspect of having a healthy Investment Portfolio.



A Long-Term Focus

The goal here isn't to double your money overnight!
Leveraging over 200 years of BMO history, I work everyday to help my clients achieve their financial goals. This is accomplished by employing a disciplined process to investing that my team and I refer to as the "Portfolio Approach".

The basis of long-term, successful money management, the Portfolio Approach is predicated around creating a customized investment portfolio that reflects your investment needs throughout the various stages of your life.