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Paul Maclean
Heather MacInnes

Tel: 902-496-1173


1400-1675 Grafton St
Halifax, NS
B3J 0E9

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We all have unique experiences growing up and seeing how money has affected our decisions and our opportunities in life. This experience shapes how we think about money and how we feel about saving and investing. At The MacLean Group, our approach is to learn about you so we can use our professional knowledge to find the strategies which will work best for you.

Your Life Changes

When life changes, it can affect your finances. Getting married, having children, changing jobs, retiring or selling a business; all of these events present opportunities to ensure you protect and build your wealth.

How We Help You

Thank you for visiting The MacLean Group website. As you explore further, you will find out more about how we help our clients. Click on the "Learn More" tab to discover what we do and how we do it. We look forward to hearing from you.