Our Process

Laying a solid foundation for your financial plan

To be effective, you want a financial plan that takes you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Where you are today
Clarifying your current financial position is the first of six key steps in the financial planning process. That means looking at your current investments, savings, assets and liabilities. To help you with this process we can provide you with a series of questionnaires. Keep in mind that it is always important to capture the most current information. Outdated information can lead to incorrect conclusions.

Where you want to be
To get a clear picture of your financial destination you need to identify measurable financial goals and objectives. For example, stating that you want to retire at age 65 and live on 75% of your current expenses is more meaningful than saying that you want to retire early. With an understanding of your current financial position and future destination, we can give you a more detailed analysis of what needs to be done to reach your goal. In addition, with measurable goals, you'll find it easier to track your progress.

Your next step
We can help you with all aspects of financial planning. To begin the process, please contact us directly. Remember, the sooner you can get started, the closer you will be towards reaching your goals.