Nicholas Palahnuk, CFP, CIM

Senior Portfolio Manager

Nicholas leads our advisory practice and takes great pride in what we do together for our clients.  As a multi-faceted financial professional, Nicholas brings a significant depth of knowledge and experience to the table, thriving on the challenge that complexity brings.  As lead advisor to our clients, Nicholas is responsible for the overall development, execution, and management of our clients’ financial plans and strategies.  Nicholas drives collaboration amongst our partners to deliver truly superior outcomes for our clients.  Learn more

Nicola Grewal, CIM

Associate Investment Advisor, Client Care Management, Operations

Nicola joined BMO Financial Group in 2005 and shortly thereafter began working with clients as an Investment Representative, where she gained skills in executing trades and interacting with clients.  Three years later, Nicola had grown her reputation within BMO as both highly capable and adored by clients.  She was awarded a role in the Private Client Division of BMO Nesbitt Burns, assisting Investment Advisors in running their businesses.  In 2011, Nicola was introduced to a new face at BMO Nesbitt Burns, Nicholas Palahnuk, and shortly thereafter joined the growing advisory practice.  Nicola's exceptional skills were apparent from the beginning and she has since evolved into a full Associate Investment Advisor.  In addition to growing in her business accountabilities, Nicola has studied continuously and has become qualified as a Chartered Investment Manager.  Nicola's role on the team has grown significantly from administrative to one of true leadership.  She handles the execution of our clients' financial plans and strategies, and oversees the complete end-to-end management of our clients' accounts.  Outside of the business, Nicola's zest for life shines through in her passions, especially travel and sports.  Nicola lives in Toronto with her partner Rich, a capital markets professional.

Our Team

Gayatri Ramdeholl

Investment Representative, Administration, Client Care

Gayatri's role is to keep our team and our clients organized.  She finds great satisfaction in making life easier for our clients.  Gayatri is qualified as an Investment Representative and is able to execute transactions for our clients, as well as respond to questions regarding their portfolios.  Gayatri also works directly with our clients' tax preparers in order to prioritize our clients' time and energy.  Gayatri's passion is ensuring our clients and their professionals have the information they need, when they need it.