Products and Services

Products and Services Overview

As a full service investment firm, BMO Nesbitt Burns offers a wide variety of services and products to meet the diverse needs of the investor.


The Meridian Program

Meridian is a highly customizable fee-based advisory program that provides a traditional investment relationship without commissions. It combines the benefits of a personal, ongoing relationship with your Investment Advisor and the investment power of the Internet. You’ll have immediate online access to a wealth of expertise, information and research — including investment opportunities identified by the top-ranked* BMO Nesbitt Burns Research Team. 


The Architect Program

Architect is a new kind of managed account solution - a unified managed account (UMA) that brings together the best of mutual fund investing (broad and accessible diversification) with the best of seperately managed accounts (institutional money management, customized portfolios, and direct ownership of the underlying securities).  All brought together in one coordinated portfolio, with all the rigorous oversight and due diligence from our internal and external teams.


The BluePrint Program

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Blueprint Program provides access to the Best of BMO investment thinking so you can be confident that your investments are being managed by an experienced team of professionals.  The program offers a single investment solution that provides you with a diverse portfolio of securities, aligned to your specific investment goals and tolerance for risk. The BluePrint Program is suitable for investors with $100,000 or more in investable assets.

In addition to our traditional portfolios, we also offer three Outcome Oriented Portfolios. These unique portfolios are designed to address specific outcomes – whether your objective is to generate a regular income stream, save for a major goal or put aside something for your loved ones.  All portfolios in the BluePrint Program are individually managed and customized to meet your needs. They are designed to take into account any special circumstances and relevant tax issues that apply to your situation.


Transaction-Based Investing

Although managed account solutions are becoming more and more popular, some clients prefer a hands-on approach. For these investors, we continue to offer the traditional transaction-based portfolio option.


A sample of our product offerings includes:

  • Canadian, U.S., & International Equities

  • Equity Options

  • Bonds, Preferred Shares, GICs

  • Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and ETFs

  • New Issues & Flow Through Shares


Financial Planning

We offer financial plans designed for your individual needs, whether you’re still working or already retired, whether you’re single or married, or whether your financial situation is less or more complex.


Your financial plan will help you address a wide range of financial concerns, including:

  • Current financial position

  • Investment planning

  • Education planning

  • Major purchase planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Estate planning


You will receive a personalized report containing specific recommendations on the actions you need to take to achieve your financial goals.

Strategic Estate and Insurance Solutions

When most people think of insurance, they think of life, home and auto insurance. But insurance-based strategies can also help you protect and enhance your wealth. Our Insurance Specialist can meet with you to determine the suitability and cost-effectiveness of several insurance strategies to:

  • Boost your retirement income

  • Enhance the value of your estate for your beneficiaries

  • Protect your assets from the impact of probate capital gains and estate taxes

  • Maximize your gift to charity

  • Reduce corporate tax

  • Guarantee income

  • Increase estate liquidity

  • Equalize estate distributions

  • Assist in the transition of wealth


Charitable Giving

We appreciate that the benefits of making a charitable donation are countless – from helping those in need to the personal satisfaction we feel when giving something back to a cause we feel passionate about. Charitable giving also makes good sense from a tax perspective. With proper planning, we help you to reduce your total income tax liability and maximize the value of your donation. Solutions incorporating trusts, foundations, donation of securities, and life insurance are all available through our team and partners.

Personal and Commercial Banking

The Boughton Group has partnered with BMO Harris Private Banking to offer our clients Platinum Banking, Personal and Commercial Loan facilities including revolving Lines of Credit, Mortgages, and Investment Loans, and a full range of trust services as well as enCircle, a comprehensive, all in one concierge service to take care of your day-to-day financial affairs.