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Murphy Chan B. Comm. Portfolio Manager
MC Wealth Management Team

Winnie Koch
Boris Tang

Tel: 604-927-1325
Toll Free: 866-501-5053
Fax: 604-927-1327

885 West Georgia Street
18th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3E8

What we do?

We empower successful individuals, business owners, and their families to make wise decisions regarding the management and preservation of their current and future wealth.

We work with you to introduce comprehensive wealth management strategies and provide customized solutions in the areas of:
  • Investment and Financial Planning

  • Access to Professionally Managed Porfolios

  • Retirement Planning
By taking a disciplined, process-driven approach, we consistently provide you with a high-quality level of service and proactively address all aspects of wealth management, identifying strategies that are specifically right for you.

This makes a positive difference in your life by giving you peace of mind knowing that you have made the best decisions concerning your wealth.

Our proven approach supports our commitment to helping you organize, structure and simplify your financial life so you can spend time on other important things in your life.