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Murphy Chan B. Comm., CIM®, FCSI, CFP
Winnie Koch

Tel: 604-927-1325
Toll Free: 866-501-5053
Fax: 604-927-1327

885 West Georgia Street
18th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3E8


My ideal clients are those folks who are not only super-serious about their savings, their investments, and their own future, but those who are looking for a long term, serious relationship with a mature, established, well-seasoned, professional Investment Advisor. Additionally, my ideal clients are very conservative investors, who think safety-first, and whose investment objectives are either income or growth, or a combination of income and growth.

My ideal clients expect to be provided with ongoing advice-they-can-trust, regular communication, and good service to ensure they receive what they want: Sleep-at-night and peace-of-mind,.

If you fit the profile of my ideal client and you want to know who I am; what I do for my clients; why I do what I do; how well I do it; and who I have done it for, and you are serious about having a personal, confidential relationship with a trustworthy Investment Advisor, then call me so we can meet each other.