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Tax Planning Strategies
Tax Slips Overview
In an effort to help simplify your tax preparation efforts, we are providing you with a brief overview of the various tax slips and supporting documents you may receive from BMO, and their expected mailing dates.
Programme de dons de bienfaisance de BMO
Créer un héritage durable au moyen de la solution philanthropique personnalisée de BMO.
Liste de contrôle pour la planification financière de fin d’année
La fin de l’année approche à grands pas. Il peut donc être opportun de réfléchir aux possibilités de placement et de passer en revue votre stratégie de planification de fin d’année et les astuces qui peuvent vous aider à réduire votre impôt pour 2018 et à préparer une année 2019 fructueuse.
Les retraités migrateurs canadiens et l’impôt américain
Pour passer ses hivers aux États-Unis, il ne suffit pas d’avoir son passeport en main et de faire ses valises. Les retraités migrateurs (résidents du Canada qui passent une partie de l’année aux États-Unis) doivent savoir qu’il leur faudra peut-être payer de l’impôt sur le revenu aux États-Unis au même titre qu’un résident permanent de ce pays.
Des stratégies pour minimiser l’impôt sur les gains en capital
Vers la fin de l’année, bien des investisseurs examinent leur portefeuille de placements pour déterminer l’impact fiscal des gains et pertes en capital réalisés durant l’année.
Tax Tips For Investors
Knowing how the tax rules affect your investments is essential. Tax strategies that you should consider such as income splitting, charitable giving and estate planning.
Managing Your Wealth
Wealth Themes
Wealth Themes is a monthly compilation of timely articles and tools from our experts and other BMO Financial Group partners.
Digital Security - Keeping your personal and account information safe
This article provides a few simple ways you can protect yourself online, as well as some key reminders for detecting fraud.
Marceau, Lalonde, Gauthier Wealth Advisory
Learn more about our team's background and client services.
Ten Financial Resolutions for 2019
As you consider your financial priorities for the coming year, here are some financial resolutions that could help you save taxes, protect your portfolio, and position you for financial success in 2019.
2019 Wealth Planning Facts & Figures
This 2-page summary includes relevant and important tax, retirement, and estate planning information.
Having a TFSA works
Having a TFSA works. Get one working for you. Whether you’re saving for a new car, a home purchase, your child’s education or retirement, a TFSA can help you reach your financial goals sooner.
Estate & Succession Planning
Digital Assets and Your Estate Plan
Digital assets include, but are not limited to, online accounts (e.g., social media, email, eCommerce, banking and investment), loyalty programs, cloud storage, domain names, and website content. Until recently, the idea of leaving a digital inheritance wasn’t generally a consideration for most people, but not anymore.
Estate Information Organizer
An essential Estate organizer.
Executor's Task List
If you are appointed Executor, our Task List will provide you with some guidance by describing the types of duties you will be required to perform.
Probate Planning
An overview of probate planning and fees.
Rates Scenario
Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Strategy. Outlines the firm’s short and medium-term interest rate and foreign exchange rate forecasts.
Economic and Market Updates
Global Equity Weekly
A look at what happened in the equity markets over the past week and an update on the earnings reports.
FOCUS: A Weekly Financial Digest
Fixed Income Strategy
Strategic commentary on fixed income and an overview of fixed income markets.
Portfolio Strategy
Strategic commentary and an overview of financial markets.
Equity Strategy
Strategic commentary on equities and an overview of financial markets.
The Goods
A Monthly Commodity Watch-Tracks BMO Capital Market's Commodity Price Index and provides commentary and forecasts.
Monthly Market Commentary
The Monthly Market Commentary, written by the BMO Nesbitt Burns Portfolio Advisory Team, provides investors with an overview of recent events and their impact on the equity and fixed income markets.
Education and Knowledge
Contribution Reminder for Your BMO Nesbitt Burns RRSP / TFSA / RESP
These plans represent highly effective ways for you to save for retirement, your children’s (or grandchildren’s) education and other long-term goals, while providing significant tax-saving opportunities. Here are some important details about each.
The Benefits of Going Paperless with BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway
This article outlines the advantages of converting to eStatements as well as Gateway’s valuable features, such as detailed real-time account information and leading market research.