Are we the right advisors for you?

Not everyone needs a wealth management advisor. Turning to a team of experts in this field is a major personal decision. If you have decided to seek outside help to manage your wealth, we urge you to take the time to find a team that is compatible with your family and its needs. After all, few decisions play such a major role in determining whether your life goals will be met, so it pays to find advisors with whom you can build a long-term relationship of trust.

If you recognize yourself in the following, there’s a good chance that we’re compatible.

  • You wish to maintain the value of your family’s wealth over the long term.
  • The nature of your holdings is relatively complex (family business, real estate, agricultural property, foreign assets, etc.). 
  • In your view, family cohesion is just as important as the accumulation of wealth. 
  • You find the idea of simplifying your finances reassuring; you wish to delegate management of the details to others while remaining involved.
  • Money enriches your life – and you’re not afraid to say so – but it’s not an end in itself. 
  • You are enthusiastic about the idea of discovering the concept of and achieving financial independence.
  • Your family’s net worth is between $1 and 30 million.

How our clients feel about us:

"I appreciate the honesty of Luc and his team. The needs and will of the client are highly respected. Advice and explanation are clear and without undue precision."

Dr Robert Boileau, doctor and professor at the medical school of Université de Sherbrooke

"All the staff are courteous, professional and sympathetic . All are willing to respond to our demands, whatever the nature of it. Luc has an attitude that instills confidence. He shows a good understanding of the situation of his client, who will never feel judged. He also knows how to popularize any financial information. Congratulations to the team for their professionalism. "
Sylvie Goudreault

"Respect, courtesy, availability, efficiency, competence, discretion and privacy in our business relations are all the points I can find in Luc and his team. This is why I will keep my investments there."
Madame Linda Lacroix
"Luc's strengths are his knowledge of different investment products, the explanation of these products and the warm welcome he gives. Luc and his team provide very good service. The team is highly efficient in the matters of their availability, their hospitality and their professional reporting."
Mrs. Françoise and Mr. Denis Lachance

"I truly appreciate the integrity of Luc and his team. As a client of Blanchard Group, I can take advantage of all the wise advice while being respected in my needs. I can count on the support of the team at any time to obtain answers to my questions or to have a professional follow-up on every one of my enquiries."
Roger Plamondon, retired, ex-vice-president of Denim Swift (Drummondville)