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What the next generation needs to know about money

Does being good at math mean you can direct your finances? Rebecca Clark, Director of Wealth Planning for BMO Private Wealth, isn’t so sure having a way with numbers is enough on its own....

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Investment Strategy - May 2024

Defensive stocks serve an important purpose in portfolios, providing ballast in more volatile periods. We are referring to companies that are less exposed to economic fluctuations (particularly of the downward kind) and, therefore, have more visible...

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Global Markets Commentary: Shake, Rattle and Roll

April brought shaking to the equity markets and rattling to the bond market, with tandem declines for both asset classes. However, we saw continued rolling recoveries in housing, manufacturing and non-U.S. global economic growth, all of which support...

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How to save for retirement when you’re running a business

Successful entrepreneurs do a lot of things well – sales, product development, executing big ideas – but many fall short when it comes to saving for their own retirement and addressing personal and family wealth planning....

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Here’s how you can invest with sustainability in mind

Wealthier Canadians have no shortage of investments to put into their portfolios, but many want those assets to be sustainable. A 2023 study of high net-worth investors (HNWI) by Capgemini found that 40% of respondents say sustainability impacts thei...

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Federal Budget 2024: Capital gains taxes climb; some nuggets for entrepreneurs

After decades of discussion, it finally happened: the Federal government raised capital gains taxes. However, the increase, which bumps the capital gains inclusion rate to 66.7% from 50%, only applies to individuals who realize more than $250,000 in...

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2024 Federal Budget Review

As expected, Budget 2024 highlighted the government’s objective to increase the housing supply (3.87 million new homes by 2031) and to support renters and lower the costs of home ownership, through key measures such as an enhanced Canadian Mortgage C...

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Un portefeuille 100 % actions? Nos réflexions sur la question!

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Investment Strategy - April 2024

Lest you think you missed some major local news, the rate cuts to which we refer are not from the Bank of Canada (“BoC”) or the U.S. Federal Reserve (“Fed”). At least not quite yet....

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Global Markets Commentary: Let the Sunshine In

Equity markets saw substantial gains in the first quarter of 2024 – many were up more than 5% on the year. The list of markets posting fresh all-time highs is long. Fixed income endured a mildly negative Q1, giving back some of Q4 2023’s outsized gai...

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