The Cohen & Associates Wealth Management group simplifies financial complexity for select clients with the goal of providing unmatched service; consistent performance; and uncommon objectivity.


service: We believe full service means complete access to the key partners of our team. We strive for a high quality personal interface that is customized to client’s unique and varying requirements. As your advisors, it is our duty to respond to you in a timely manner and to keep you organized so that deadlines are not missed. We value your time and it is our goal to free up more of it so that you can spend it on things that are more important to you. At the Cohen & Associates Wealth Management group, we feel better knowing that we have removed some of the pressure from your lives.


performance: Our goal is to provide our clients with the best after-tax rate of return consistent with their risk tolerance and measured frequently against meaningful and relative benchmarks. Clearly negative returns have a more deleterious effect on long term performance than the lack of positive returns. That is why we feel it is critical to monitor each client’s asset mix and risk profile on an ongoing basis.


objectivity: By definition, objectivity means "The world as it really is; reality”. We pride ourselves on being objective, whether that includes, revealing the real fees/costs associated with products, educating clients about an opportunity, sourcing a better option that our firm cannot offer; or bringing in a third party advisor with expertise in areas that we are not. At the Cohen & Associates Wealth Management group we spend a lot of our time talking clients out of making certain investments vs talking them into them.


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