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Our Service Model

We have a unique and systematic approach to catering to and servicing our client's needs. Our model focuses on 3 main areas (Financial Plans, Client contact, Education) which are as follows.

Financial Plans

We believe that a solid Financial Plan serves as the "roadmap” to successfully achieving your financial goals.

We will work closely with you to capture your unique goals and objectives and create a plan that serves as the starting point for success. We will then revisit this plan on a regular basis and update  itas required.

A Financial Plan helps to answer important questions such as…….

- How much money do we need to save to retire comfortably?
- When can I afford to retire?
- How will I pay for my child’s education?
- Will I have enough left over to help the next generation?
- How can I minimize the amount of taxes I pay to the government?

Client Contact

Keeping in regular contact with our clients is critical to our success as Investment Advisors. It also gives us the opportunity to keep you informed on the markets, and your portfolio, and helps us to stay current on your situation. As your life evolves we need to adapt to accommodate your changing needs.

We use a systemized approach to client contact, which is set at pre-determined times throughout the year. This quite often takes the form of quarterly discussions that can be general in nature (i.e. market updates) or specific (portfolio review).

We can also contact you on a monthly, semi-annually or annual basis depending on your personal preference or circumstances.

Client Education

We view our client relationships as partnerships and feel that it is our responsibility to keep you informed on not only your individual portfolios but also the big picture.

At a minimum, we send regular monthly updates on a variety of issues that include market and economic updates, retirement planning tips, tax savings ideas, portfolio strategies and stock research. We have a broad depth of helpful publications in our organization and we are not shy about using them to benefit our clients.