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Our Process

Reaching your goals does not just happen. It takes careful planning and execution.                     

We start by listening to you. Once we have an in depth understanding of what is important to you, we can formulate a plan to help you meet your unique goals and address your specific concerns, keeping your stated  risk tolerance top of mind all the time. 

You will receive an investment policy statement that will outline your optimal asset mix and serve as a guide for how we will manage your money. We will also provide you with a detailed net worth statment  as a starting point and as a measuring stick to monitor progress as we move forward.  These are reveiwed regularly and updated as needed to ensure they continue to reflect your goals.                     

The net worth statement and the investment policy statement are just the beginning. We will provide you with an analysis of your assets and how they may grow or deplete over time based on various cash flow and return assumptions. The insight these plans provide is a key element in understanding what rate of return you actually need to achieve your goals. Are you taking enough risk with your investment portfolio? Too much? We can tell you the answer  with clarity. All recommendations stem from these analyses, coupled with a good understanding of your goals.                                                         

We will review our recommendations with you fully and clearly. It is important that you understand why we make the recommendations we make before we consider taking any action. 

Investment management and financial planning are not static events.  We will contact you on a regular and pre-determined basis, as communication is key in ensuring your financial success by keeping us up to date on your situation, and allowing us to make any necessary changes to your overall plan.